The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) is a non-profit organization for those interested and working in the field of suicide
prevention. The membership consists of individuals (clinicians, scientists, crisis workers and volunteers, persons who have lost a family member by suicide) and community, national and international organizations. At this moment the membership extends over 50 countries and IASP is in officia l relations with the World Health Organization.
The main objectives of IASP are:

  1. To provide a common platform for all representatives of the many professions who are engaged in the field of suicide prevention and crisis intervention.
  2. To bring together the available knowledge and expertise for effective action.
  3. To encourage the interchange of acquired experience in various countries and regions.
  4. To promote the establishment of national organizations for suicide prevention.
  5. To facilitate the wider dissemination of the fundamentals of effective suicide prevention to professional groups and to the general public.
  6. To arrange for specialized training of selected persons in the area of suicide prevention in selected training centers.
  7. To carry out programs of research, especially those that can be pursued through international joint cooperation.