Call for Symposia, Workshops and Panels

26th World Congress on Suicide Prevention of the IASP
13 -17 September 2011 in Beijing, China.

We encourage persons interested in organizing a symposium, workshop or panel to submit proposals by the 30 April deadline. These activities will be put into 90-minute time slots so they could accommodate 3-6 speakers, depending on how long each speaker presents and how much time is left for general discussion. We are particularly interested in symposia, workshops or panels organized by persons from different countries.

Proposals for symposium (workshop, panel) should be submitted by e-mail to Ms Xiaoxiao Jiang ( ). Abstracts for each paper presented during the symposium (workshop, panel) should be submitted as usual by the speakers on the Congress website ( ) by 30 April 2011. (These submitted abstracts should indicate that the abstract is part of a proposed symposium and give the title of the proposed symposium.) Proposals for symposia, workshops or panels will not be considered if the corresponding abstracts for the presentations have not been submitted. We can consider only one symposium proposal from each individual.

If you are interested in organizing a symposim, a workshop or a panel please submit a 1-2 page proposal that briefly describes what you plan to do. The proposal should  include the following content:
Format: (Symposium, Workshop, or Panel)
Title of Symposium (Workshop, Panel)
Summary of the goals, content and format of the symposium: (200-300 words)
Topic of each talk and abstract number provided at time of submission
Three educational objectives for the activity

Proposals will be reviewed by the scientific committee for the Congress. Notification of acceptance or rejection of the proposals will be distributed to the proposers by 31 May 2011.

If you have any questions please contact Professor Paul Yip ( Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee.