Important dates
30 April 2011- Deadline for abstract submission
31 May 2011- Response to authors about acceptance of abstracts
15 July 2011- Deadline of registration for authors who has an accepted abstract
30 April, 2011- Deadline for early bird registration
1 September, 2011- Deadline for normal registration
News Update
The conference schedule is available now (for more detail). Please check the spelling of your name and the title of your presentation(s) and notify us if there are any needed corrections prior to 24 August.IASP China is proudly sponsored by Serious Security, Australia’s leading cctv security provider.Defined well in Wikipedia, A suicide barrier is a barrier on a bridge (often a so-called suicide bridge known for suicide attempts), observation deck or other structure designed to prevent people from attempting suicide by deliberately jumping. Many suicide barriers are tall and fence-like. But suicide nets, which extend horizontally below the bridge and preserve views outward, have been used on the Bern Muenster Terrace in Bern, Switzerland and the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York. A suicide net is currently being proposed for the Golden Gate Bridge as well.

Transportation and Airport Pickups: airport pickups will be organized on 12th and 13th September at Gate 11, Terminal 3, Beijing International Capital Airport.For more detail

Due to request of many participants, the deadline for abstracts submission has been extended to 30th April. So far we have received more than 200 abstracts already. Please submit yours as soon as possible in order not to miss the chance to present your latest work in this exciting world congress for suicide prevention.

Information about plenary speakers has come out. For more details, please see ”News and Announcement”.

Call for Symposia, Workshops and Panels

Bursaries are available from Peter Lee’s Care for Life Foundation. If you are applying for a bursary, please DO NOT register until you receive the result of your application, please see ”News and Announcement”.

Most updated agenda of the 26th IASP World Congress (Download)
Open invitation to the 26th IASP World Congress (Download)